Announcing HEADWays Concussion Recovery Self-Management App







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HEADWays Concussion Recovery Self-Management App

While most people heal and improve after a concussion, the symptoms they experience shortly thereafter can be disabling physically, emotionally and socially. The HEADWays app guides individuals with a concussion forward in their recovery using a proactive, early self-management approach.

HEADWays is the only self-management concussion recovery app written and created by clinicians experienced in early management of concussion (the mHealthDeveloperGroup). The app has a simple user interface and self-management-focused content, all designed to meet the unique needs of any individual who has experienced a concussion, their caregivers, family members, and interested others.

By using HEADWays, you will:

  • identify situations in which urgent medical attention should be sought;
  • learn to sort concussion myth from fact;
  • learn the “Five Rules” of good health that are essential to successful post concussion recovery;
  • identify strategies to manage symptoms (e.g. headaches, light/noise sensitivity, cognitive and mood changes);
  • plan gradual return to recreational, physical, vocational and educational activities; and
  • learn how to find more help via reliable online resources.

HEADWays is provided free of charge through the generous donation of Slater Vecchio LLP and the Vancouver General Hospital and University of British Columbia Hospital Foundation.

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